DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)

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Kris Maher. The praise for major college football's record-holder for victories swept across Pennsylvania State University and college football on Sunday, and overshadowed, for a moment, the controversy that dogged Mr. Paterno's dismissal as coach after allegations of child sexual abuse surfaced against Paterno's Complicated Legacy. Joe Paterno, the winningest coach in college football history, has died at age Hours before the Vatican summit opened, activists in Poland pulled down a statue of a priest accused of sexually abusing minors.

They said the stunt was to protest the failure of the Polish Catholic Church in resolving the problem of clergy sex abuse. Video footage showed three men attaching a rope around the statue of the late Monsignor Henryk Jankowski in the northern city of Gdansk and pulling it to the ground in the dark.

Jankowski is accused of molesting boys. World leaders including President George H. Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited his church to recognize his anti-communist activity. Support Provided By: Learn more. Read Oct 05 A timeline of key events in the Trump-Ukraine story.

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World Feb Politics Oct Nation Oct World Oct Economy Oct Health Oct Arts Oct Sunday, Oct 6. What was even more disturbing was how the government, local police, residents and family members did very little to investigate when some of the boys, at the time, turned to them for help. I can honestly say that I am not shocked however at the reaction of the Catholic Church then and now, for decades it has done "absolutely nothing" to protect the victims but everything to protect the abusers.

I came across an article you wrote, 'The Execution of the Holy Spirit' regarding your experience at Bergen Catholic with a Brother Irwin and a Brother Howe - first of all they do not deserve to be called brothers, they deserve to be recognized as "pedophile" and "sociopath" Irwin and "pedophile" and "sociopath" Howe and I hope that all of those young men who they tried to break realize that they are not victims rather "brave" boys and now "brave" men who did absolutely nothing wrong but everything right. The fault, as we all know, lies in the hands of those evil, cowardly fools!

I too suffered at the hands of abuse as a child, the hands of my father who physically and mentally abused me and it took me years to realize that I had nothing to do with his cruel actions-it was his issue not mine. I was compelled to write to you because I wanted to thank you for reaching out to all those wonderful men who related to your experience at Bergen and for reiterating that what happened to you and to them is "not your fault.

Kenneth Edward Untener

They have nothing to be embarrassed of and neither do you. I hope you continue to reach out to those who have had similar experiences at Bergen and someday fight to be heard as they are doing in Ireland, for your sake and for the sake of any future, potential victims. The Catholic Church needs to continued to be challenged until they completely take actions to rid the evil souls that still hide behind their doors.

Kobutsu please remember that you and those other individual are not victims of abuse rather survivors of abuse! I was a couple of years ahead of you , and transferred to Xxxxxxx H. I had Irwin of course for algebra, I have a vivid memory of his running his hand down the back of my pants, down the crack of my ass, and then watching him sniffing his finger as he sat at his desk. I don't have a clear memory of how many times he had his hands on me.

Joe Paterno Death Prompts Debate Over Legacy - WSJ

There were others he liked more - egads, I especially remember a kid with long blond hair, Elvis style, he was Irwin's favorite in my class. There was another brother, who was also talked about, who I seem to remember left the school in the middle of the year of Somehow once I ended up under that guy's arm, and he escorted me into the boys locker room, but kids were there, and somehow, I got away. Never went near him again, his name started with and M or W and sounded maybe polish. After he left there was just Brother Irwin to worry about. I don't remember his rage especially, there was a lot of that rage, odd for such a vocation?

There was a Brother Ryan? Another lasting memory, was the brother's seeming obliviousness to bullies. I remember a kid named Xxxxxxx from Fort Lee, New Jersey - his favorite recreation between class, at lunch or gym was picking on littler, more timid kids. It was constant and of course there were other bullies, and the brothers turned a blind side to all of that too. It's Kafkaesque, no? So you're a Malone, and then you took a Zen first name?

Most Catholics I know have little to no respect for the Magisterium in all its majesty and hypocrisy. Charles "The Chest" Irwin greets prom attendees Just found your web site. I was searching for pictures of BC to show my wife.

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I have a similar story not of any sexual abuse but definitely physical abuse. I graduated from the class of ' 70 and rode the Fort Lee bus. Yes, that bus.

'You're in trouble'

I remember the bullies who picked on us very well and had a few fist fights with them myself. The school principal was expelled as I remember and a new principal took over. I believe the principal was expelled for physical and verbal abuse. Yes, we had brothers who were in hiding. Some were obviously sexually confused and some not so obvious. We had one brother who was referred to as Sister Mary by some of the students. I will not use his name but I remember him well. He had a mean streak and liked to slap you in the face. We also had brothers who would punch you and knock you down for chewing gum in the hall.

My brother also had the misfortune of going to BC but failed out in his freshman year. There was a Brother who was a coach there and he was cruel to my little brother. I did not want to dissapoint my Mother so I hung in there and took the abuse. It wasn't a healthy atmosphere for kids that already had issues.

It was certainly not nurturing. My brother did well in public school and enjoyed his high school years. Brother Howe , I remember him well but not as a sexual abuser. He was just a bully. He enjoyed it and I had many fights with him in class. Mostly he would throw erasers at me. He was surprised when I threw them back at him. I wouldn't take his crap.

We had a history teacher. His name was Mr.

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Darts was a nice man who took me out in the hall one day and spoke with me as a mentor. He knew I was having problems and suggested that if I didn't want to be there I should talk to my parents. I have never forgotten him. His were the kindest words I had ever had at BC. Thankyou Mr. John Darts. The Infamous Fort Lee Bus.

I hated it but learned to defend myself. We had two upper classman who were big bullies. I only can remember their faces. They were football players and wore their BC jackets. I only wish they were in front of me now as an adult!

I had a Jesuit for some religion class. He was talking about masturbation and the dropping of the seed intentionally.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Ballarat

Did you know that is a mortal sin and you can go to hell for that? Well being defiant I asked him what would happen if it happen unintentionally, like while you were sleeping. What happens then if you die? Do you go to hell or only purgatory? Well the stuff hit the fan. I was told to go to the office. They sent me home with a letter recommending I leave the school. Guess the tuition was more valuable because my mother's letter saved me.

What a bunch of sick people. I feel sorry for them and forgive them their sins. God only knows what they went through as young men entering the seminary.

DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)
DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)
DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)
DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)
DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)
DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)
DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse) DEATH WORE BLACK ( Clergy Sex Abuse)

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