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Specific tail wags provide information about the emotional state of dogs.

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Tail Wagging in Dogs Doesn't Always Mean Happiness

Survey data indicate that preventive tail docking of pet dogs is unnecessary. In countries such as the United Kingdom where tail docking is legally prohibited with a few exemptions the breed standards of traditionally docked breeds have been amended.

However there is no strong evidence that naturally bobbed or surgically docked dogs are physically or psychologically disadvantaged. There is some early, but inconclusive, data that raises questions as to whether docking impairs communication with other dogs 23 or may increase the risk of developing incontinence.

Painful procedures conducted in the neonatal period when the nervous system is vulnerable can result in negative long-term changes which affect how pain is processed and perceived later in life.

10 Amazing Facts About A Dog’s Tail

Because dogs have not been shown to derive self-esteem or pride in appearance from having their tails docked common reasons for performing cosmetic procedures on people , there is no obvious benefit to our patients in performing this procedure. In the opinion of the AVMA, this is insufficient justification for performing a surgical procedure.

Some breeders, both historically and currently, would prefer problematic conformation to be corrected via breeding alone. An argument might be made for removal of the tail of a dog on the basis of repeated prior injury. However, such a justification must be supported by evidence such as empirical data or impartial expert opinion based on extensive, directly relevant experience. Cambridge University Press, ; The wanton mutilation of animals. The Nineteenth Century, a Monthly Report, ; Drury WD. Gill: London. Hallock C. The Sportsman's Gazetteer and General Guide.

Forest and Stream: New York. Shields G. The American Book of the Dog. Rand, McNally: Chicago. The Airedale Terrier Reviewed.

LIFE WITH DEREK -- 1x04 "Puppy Dog Tails"

Coren, S. Simon and Schuster, ; 8. Youatt W, Lewis EJ. The Dog. Dogs Don't Trust Angry People. Disclaimer: This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian.

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If you require any veterinary related advice, contact your veterinarian promptly. Information at DogHealth.

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    Dog Tails Dog Tails
    Dog Tails Dog Tails
    Dog Tails Dog Tails
    Dog Tails Dog Tails
    Dog Tails Dog Tails
    Dog Tails Dog Tails

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