Escape the Black Night

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The Black Knight

Whatever is going on, we have to stop it.

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The Curse of the Black Knight - MAN VS ROOM

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    Escape The Night - Season 4 - The Black Knight

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      Return the Sword, Lift the Curse!

      When he calls him an 'old man', Merlin corrects him, saying that he is actually getting younger. He keeps on making jokes, and The Black Knight doesn't like this.

      Eventually he gets annoyed and walks away, after Merlin says that The Black Knight will have messed up the exhibit. While being tied to a chair, Gabbie says that she is just chilling when the Black Knight brings in a 'straight up caveman' and tied him up too.

      The Black Knight

      When the Black Knight leaves, Gabbie notices that He can't really speak English and is in the same position as her. When The Black Knight returns, the whole group is there, however, the caveman distracts The Black Knight and leads him out of the door. When The Black Knight appears again, he tells Merlin that he sees that he has left his exhibit. Merlin uses magic to battle against The Black Knight, giving time for the guests to run away.

      SOLD OUT - Escape Rooms - The Black Knight

      During the challenge that Gabbie and Tana were voted in to, he notices them and goes over to them, asking what they are doing here. They ran into the green light of protection. He goes over to them multiple times, trying to stab them with his sword, however, the green light of protection makes it so that he can't get inside of it and the girls are safe there, yet the puzzle is outside of the green light and the protection is up for 5 minutes.

      When the green light disappears, They have nowhere to hide and nothing is protecting them, as the spell wore away. The other guests arrive to try help their friends and then he stabs Tana, killing her as the guests watch on in horror.

      An Earthling’s Guide to Black Holes

      He looks over at Gabbie, and starts walking towards her, the guests shouted for Gabbie to run, yet she isn't able to and The Black Knight stabs and kills Gabbie as well. The guests are shocked that he killed two of their friends. He goes over to the other guests, but Merlin holds him off.

      Escape the Black Night Escape the Black Night
      Escape the Black Night Escape the Black Night
      Escape the Black Night Escape the Black Night
      Escape the Black Night Escape the Black Night
      Escape the Black Night Escape the Black Night

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