IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)

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Routing apps that do not specify a coverage file during development will always be displayed in the Maps routing search results. Testing and debugging of coverage files for routing apps is only supported during development through the Xcode Run workflow. You can specify the coverage file for a given Run scheme using the Options pane of the Run section of the scheme editor. Apps that are archived and distributed outside of the App Store onto devices will not have access to the app's coverage files.

Passbook The Description field is now a required field for a Pass. All passes created without it will fail to validate and will not ingest. Passes will no longer fall back to background.

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Please consult the latest documentation for the new userInfo dictionary. Users will see access dialogs when an app tries to access any of those data types. Developers can set a "purpose" string for each class of isolated data. These strings can be added using Xcode's Project editor, which is in the Info tab. The relevant key names begin with the string "Privacy -". There are changes to the Event Kit and Address Book frameworks to help developers with this feature. When attempting to play an MP3 sound in Simulator, you will hear a popping sound instead.

Apple seeds iOS 6 beta 3 to developers - 9to5Mac

In order to share a Photo Stream with iOS 6 beta, you must invite someone using his iCloud email address; otherwise, he will not receive the invitation. Upgrading from iOS 6 beta 1 to beta 2 will cause your device to redownload all of your Shared Photo Streams. The default setting should be ON. Social Weibo shows up in the Settings app only if a Chinese keyboard is enabled. In the options parameter of this new method, pass nil to access Twitter and Weibo accounts. To access Facebook accounts, pass a dictionary with the following keys which are documented in ACAccountStore.

Status Bar It is now possible to set status bar tint parameters in your app's Info. You might do this to ensure that the status bar color matches your app's navigation bar color during startup. The value of this key is a dictionary with the appropriate values describing the navigation bar your app has at startup. Inside the dictionary should be the UINavigationBar key, which has a value that is also a dictionary. That dictionary contains the initial navigation bar's style with the Style key and whether it is translucent with the Translucent key.

If your navigation bar uses them, you can also specify its tint color with the TintColor key or the name of its custom background image with the BackgroundImage key. This style is used when presentation is initiated either by the existing bar button item provided by the delegate methods or by a swipe gesture within the right view.

No additional API adoption is required to obtain this behavior, and all existing APIs-including that of the UIPopoverController instance provided by the delegate-will continue to work as before. If the gesture would be insupportable in your app, setting the presentsWithGesture property of your split view controller to NO disables the gesture. However, disabling the gesture is discouraged because its use preserves a consistent user experience across all apps. This makes them work well with the UIControl objects. Autorotation is changing in iOS 6.

In its place, you should use the supportedInterfaceOrientationsForWindow: and shouldAutorotate methods.

Intro to Programatic UI. No Storyboard - Swift - Xcode 10

More responsibility is moving to the app and the app delegate. Now, iOS containers such as UINavigationController do not consult their children to determine whether they should autorotate.

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A view controller's supported interface orientations can change over time-even an app's supported interface orientations can change over time. The system asks the top-most full-screen view controller typically the root view controller for its supported interface orientations whenever the device rotates or whenever a view controller is presented with the full-screen modal presentation style. Moreover, the supported orientations are retrieved only if this view controller returns YES from its shouldAutorotate method.

The system intersects the view controller's supported orientations with the app's supported orientations as determined by the Info. The system determines whether an orientation is supported by intersecting the value returned by the app'ssupportedInterfaceOrientationsForWindow: method with the value returned by the supportedInterfaceOrientations method of the top-most full-screen controller.

A reusable image picker class for iOS

The setStatusBarOrientation:animated: method is not deprecated outright. However, it now works only if thesupportedInterfaceOrientations method of the top-most full-screen view controller returns 0. This puts the responsibility of ensuring that the status bar orientation is consistent into the hands of the caller. For compatibility, view controllers that still implement the shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation: method do not get the new autorotation behaviors. In other words, they do not fall back to using the app, app delegate, or Info. Instead, the shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation: method is used to synthesize the information that would be returned by thesupportedInterfaceOrientations method.

The willRotateToInterfaceOrientation:duration:, willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:duration:, anddidRotateFromInterfaceOrientation: methods are no longer called on any view controller that makes a full-screen presentation over itself-for example, by calling presentViewController:animated:completion:. You should make sure that your apps are not using these methods to manage the layout of any subviews.

Instead, they should use the view controller'sviewWillLayoutSubviews method and adjust the layout using the view's bounds rectangle. If you were using these methods to release data, use the didReceiveMemoryWarning method instead. You can also use this method to release references to the view controller's view if it is not being used. You would need to test that the view is not in a window before doing this. It is unsupported to set values for the shadowOffset or shadowColor properties of a UILabel object if its attributedText property contains a valid attributed string.

There are 3 available source types:. The delegate should implement both the UIImagePickerControllerDelegate and the UINavigationControllerDelegate protocols, however usually my navigation controller delegate is just an empty implementation. If you need extra navigation related logic, you might need to create a few methods there as well.

How to create live playgrounds in Xcode

If you don't need to select from a source type, things are pretty straightforward, you can simply present your picker view controller, handle everything in the delegate and you are done. However, if you need to choose from an input source, that involves a little bit more logic, especially on iPads. I'm using a UIAlertController in order to compose a source type selection dialog.

I'm trying to add 3 actions based on the picking source type , but only if the source type is available on that given device eg. Quick note: Alert controllers needs a few extra things on iPads, that's why I'm setting up the popoverPresentationController properties in the present method. It's usually enough to set the sourceView and the sourceRect properties, but you can also customize arrow directions.

Bug Reporting

Well, now you are ready to take some pictures. I've made a simple view controller to show you a real quick example.

Final Cut Pro X gets a speed boost through Apple's Metal

Now this is the code for the sample view controller. I separated the delegate from the presentation controller, because sometimes it comes handy.

The ImagePickerDelegate delegate in this case is the most simple one I can imagine. Sadly the answer is, for the most part, not that easy. For starters, they use different file formats. Xcode still uses the.

iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
iOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4) IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)
IOS 5.1: View Controllers (Programming iOS Book 4)

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