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Commitment—in the form of a covenant before God Malachi —16; Proverbs —is what holds marriage together through difficulties. Marriage math is easy: One man, one woman, for one life. Remarriage is a form of adultery because it brings together partners to whom God does not give the right to be together.


If a couple divorces for a reason other than fornication, they both commit adultery if they marry another Matthew ; Luke Matthew Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. House to House Heart to Heart. Divorce violates the precedent God set for marriage in the beginning. Divorce violates the design of marriage. The Difference Family Makes.

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Thoughts of Home. If people must divorce, fine. In so doing, she broke the covenant. Also, the basic requirements of marriage i.

I cannot see how you still have a marriage, and why you still feel obligated to fulfil your marriage vows. But I fully appreciate that people must do what their faith allows.

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And I wish you the very best. Your testimony is a witness to us all and I believe God will honour your faithfulness. What we bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven. In Ephesians ,32, Paul likens the union of a man and a woman to the union of Christ and His church body of believers. So if we sin spiritual fornication and do not repent turn from our evil ways God will cast us into outer darkness. Some would say that if one party to a marriage does not honour the marriage covenant that that will break the one flesh relationship.

From the Old Testament we know that those that divorce had hard hearts, and, from Eccl we know that if one strand of a three-fold cord breaks that the other two will hold. Curtis, I suggest you read these two posts. They explain why the Bible allows remarriage to a person in who has suffered domestic abuse from their spouse. You have not suffered abuse, but you have suffered marital mistreatment and unjuustified abandonment. So the principles apply to you just as much as they apply to the victim of abuse. Barb, We need to look correctly at the word of God by studying scripture accurately and not putting our thoughts in what the text does not say.

This confusion of what people say about divorce and remarriage begin with the reformers. They were influenced by Erasmus, the father of humanism. In the Greek, it says you are living in a constant of adultery. Yes, people have martial problems, the apostle Paul said, if you separate, not telling people to do but not to divorce four times.

If you divorce, two options, either reconcile or stay single. God is very clear on this topic. To say you can divorce and remarry by twisting God word, is the worst sin of all. In Roman times, the customs and laws of marriage were very different to the customs in modern western society. Typically, separating was synonymous with divorce.

What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?

No legal services or legal documents were required unless there was a dowry. Divorce was equally simple, and it was common among high-status Roman citizens. Judea and Galilee were Roman provinces. They were allowed to follow their own laws up to a point, but Romans citizens within these provinces could abide by Roman laws, and Antipas, a client king, was answerable to Rome. As for looking at the word of God correctly, I assure you that I take the word of God seriously and strenuously avoid putting my own thoughts into what the biblical texts say.

IF we do separate, we are called to remain in covenant for life. That means remain single, unmarried, celibate, chaste, pure, and holy. But notice there, who divorces who and who might attempt to take who back. What did they find unclean about her? Why was it an abomination to God only read it for the first husband to take her back? Well, this man first let her go by law, because he found, before attempting to consummate the marriage that his betrothed wife was pregnant — she was not a virgin as Joseph found with Mary.

Do read Deut She was then, by law, able to remarry because she did not become a covenant wife to her first husband who did not consummate the marriage. She was at fault here. Even if this second husband died, she was now not pure on two accounts but innocent, so by law anyone else could marry her if they knew of and accepted her defilement.

BUT for the first husband to take her back, this would be hypocritical when you consider WHY he apparently divorced her in the first place! God detests hypocrites. They are an abomination to Him. Remember this is Old Testament. Justice and law ruled. Not New Testament mercy, grace and love. Jesus Christ had yet to die at Calvary for that to function.

I can send it to you if you wish — Robin]. If a couple have made the decision to permanently live apart, there is no longer a marriage as Jesus or Genesis describe it. There are just two individuals who once shared such a union. The decision to permanently live apart effectively breaks or nullifies the marriage covenant.

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  • How can you love, honour and cherish someone you may rarely meet? The explanation of Deuteronomy in endnote 2 of the article makes much more sense to me than your suggestion. Please support your opinions with some scripture. A man and a woman may marry before God and spend the rest of their lives apart and still be married? Or do you not believe that a man, while in prison for life, may marry a woman he never sees? The covenant is the same whether of not the two have sex. Also, please tell us exactly how many days apart must pass before God somehow nullifies the marriage?

    I believe you are using soft logic to push women past lifelong separations from their covenant spouse into divorce. After all, if ten days or ten thousand days apart means there is no more marriage and who knows how many days will cause that , then why not divorce and remarry? Alson, you are free to disagree with the article and with the comments. I am also free and under no obligation to explain myself to you. Furthermore, you are making this about women and about time or days.

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    • These are not my specific concerns. A marriage breaks down when a partner breaks their vows and violates their covenant by failing to love, honour and cherish until death. This failure may be demonstrated in a variety of ways. I hope you can find a wise and caring person, close to you, that you can discuss this with. Can you quote some Scriptures to support your view on this important issue.

      I am in a somewhat similar not identical but similar position as Curtis finds himself and I fully agree with his attitude to his situation. I would be pleased to send you a copy. I assume that you make your arguments with the best of intentions and with an open mind and heart.

      What Did Jesus Say about Divorce?

      I would appreciate the same courtesy. Both agree with the premise of my previous post. You are welcome to submit a paper also preferably via facebook. Thanks for this brief article. Very courageous of you Marg. Particularly applaud you for dealing with the abuse issues that are at pandemic levels in our country.

      I have been researching this topic for sometime and working towards my own paper, like too many others I also have been deeply touched by this issue in many ways.

      Divorce & Remarriage | Grace Community Church

      I am sure you are right about the context of Mathew That said, I think the primary context as you note above is a response by Jesus to an attack by the pharisees regarding an internecine issue within first century Judaism. He responds using typical hyperbolic expressions. I suspect that maybe the content of this passage has far less to say directly to say to the post-resurrection audience about marriage than is often posited.

      In any case I think the teaching here has been pushed beyond its reasonable application due to its subject matter rather than its exegetical features. I suspect the issue some who are objecting to your position here are not prepared to limit or concede that marriage is a volitional commitment covenant. Such an approach becomes rather focused on the physical union part sex and I have heard taught in many different Christian circles.

      Jesus on Divorce Jesus on Divorce
      Jesus on Divorce Jesus on Divorce
      Jesus on Divorce Jesus on Divorce
      Jesus on Divorce Jesus on Divorce
      Jesus on Divorce Jesus on Divorce
      Jesus on Divorce Jesus on Divorce

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