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The book comprises entries on different stylistic approaches to text, including feminist, cognitive, corpus and multimodal stylistics. There is coverage of key thinkers and their work as well as on central terms and concepts. It ends with a comprehensive bibliography of Key Texts. The book is written in an accessible manner, explaining difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. It will appeal to both beginner and upper-level students working in the interface between language and linguistics. The "Key Terms" series offers undergraduate students clear, concise and accessible introductions to core topics.


Each book includes a comprehensive overview of the key terms, concepts, thinkers and texts in the area covered and ends with a guide to further resources. Passar bra ihop. Multimodal Stylistics of the Novel Nina Norgaard. Recensioner i media. Bloggat om Key Terms in Stylistics.

Implicature may be divided into two categories: 'strong' and 'weak' implicature, yet between the two extremes there are a variety of other alternatives. The strongest implicature is what is emphatically implied by the speaker or writer, while weaker implicatures are the wider possibilities of meaning that the hearer or reader may conclude.

Pilkington's ' poetic effects ', as he terms the concept, are those that achieve most relevance through a wide array of weak implicatures and not those meanings that are simply 'read in' by the hearer or reader.

The teaching of stylistics

Yet the distinguishing instant at which weak implicatures and the hearer or reader's conjecture of meaning diverge remains highly subjective. As Pilkington says: 'there is no clear cut-off point between assumptions which the speaker certainly endorses and assumptions derived purely on the hearer's responsibility. Widdowson points out that in Samuel Taylor Coleridge 's poem " The Rime of the Ancient Mariner " , the mystery of the Mariner's abrupt appearance is sustained by an idiosyncratic use of tense.

Widdowson notices that when the content of poetry is summarised, it often refers to very general and unimpressive observations, such as 'nature is beautiful; love is great; life is lonely; time passes', and so on Widdowson. But to say:. This language gives the reader a new perspective on familiar themes and allows us to look at them without the personal or social conditioning that we unconsciously associate with them Widdowson.

So, although the reader may still use the same exhausted words and vague terms like 'love', 'heart' and 'soul' to refer to human experience, to place these words in a new and refreshing context allows the poet the ability to represent humanity and communicate honestly. This, in part, is stylistics, and this, according to Widdowson, is the point of poetry Widdowson. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For the band, see The Stylistics. Outline History Index. Grammatical theories. Stylistics and the teaching of literature. Longman: London. Routledge p. Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict.

Style in Literature

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Intro. to Stylistics

Oxford: Blackwell. Categories : Applied linguistics Language varieties and styles Literature. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics
Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics
Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics
Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics
Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics
Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics
Key Terms in Stylistics Key Terms in Stylistics

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