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Greg Moeller. David Williams. Jimmy Chiu. Margie Gyurisin. Kwane McNeal. Roger French. Page 1 of 4. Last Post. Can anyone advise me on where to find the correct screen to set the flags for each item Thanks in advance for any help! My company is wondering what others are using for their Fax and Email capabilities.

We would love to replace our fax integrator PC with something virtual, or use RightFax which we already are for other purposes. We have an item , that has two vendor 's associated to it. One of for an each uom and the other is for a case UOM.

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Medline has different catalog numbers for the UOM. We are looking for a way to be One is having an issue where our techs are scanning out inventory but when the issue reaches MSCM from the device it goes into a unreleased status due to insufficient SOH. Once we are aware of this we make the necessary adjustments on inventory but we aren't always finding them. Has anyone else found a way to stop the handheld from performing an issue when the SOH is not enough acc We currently have a manual process in Supply Chain where we identify departments that have or have used the supply in question, email managers of those affected departments if the item is not in their Omnicells to have them locate supplies in their different areas, require them to respond to our request to segregate, educate, or dispos In reality what this means I have searched but cannot a template that we could use to create the.

We are about 90 implemented but ran into an issue with the desktop delivery piece. In order to go live, we need this information sent to the vendor. We are looking into EDI as an option but I do not believe the requester information Our tester said everything was returning as an X type.

The vendor is passing over a field called ItemType with the value of S or X. As a result, we are receiving price discrepancies. Today, we take the third-party file and use an Access database that will do the matching. The only thing we need to do is format the spreadsheet, ensure the column we want to match to is named correctly and make sure the Our requestors are just getting familiar with RQC and fax in manual orders to communicate Hot orders currently.

However, one department has been using the comment field to communicate urgency. Ideally, we would like to have a more formal way to prioritize these orders in Lawson. Right now we are discussing having all ground PO's default automatically to our central warehouse with Priority PO's heading directly to the sites Manual process. Would like any insight on pro's and con's and any mapping you could share would be great!! Once we inquired Cerner as our ERM system, we purchased the interface which Lawson would send the item file to Cerner and Cerner would send usage back to decrement inventory in Lawson.

We have set up a SURG location in IC12 of items that are going to Cerner, this list of items include consignment items, bill only items and supplies which totals to over 3, items.

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We were wondering if any other hospital h At Inforum they mentioned they were having difficulty coming up with a solution that would fit everyone and it occurred to me that we have already all figured out a way to map the PO header to an account for EDI. It has a description, but no division value. Any ideas. The queries I have saved seems not to work to be used with version It was really more a matter 'horsepower', compared to a 'technical' assignment, but I was certainly willing to pick his brain while he was available.

We are battling inventory accuracy that seems to be rooted in pulling errors. I am just curious if anyone Who out there is in charge of maintaining their company's item master, or is familiar with their company's process We're always looking at ways to streamline our methods, and it would be nice to know any tips or tricks we can use. I would love to use this same functionality with vendors delivering directly to the hospital or things being delivered by freight companies.

Does anyone have any practices that allow these types of deliveries be captured with dock logging when tracking number or bar codes are not provided Then, if something is dock logged, it can most likely be miscellaneous Would anyone be willing to share your formula for this important calculation From what I have been told, we never could calculate Inventory Turns from Lawson. Coming from the manufacturing world I find it a little difficult to believe a procurement software does not have this capability.

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Any help you an give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. We issued a PO a few days ago but we have to update the quantity. After we made the change, the buyer tried to release it but we're getting 'Cannot release. I assume this means all of those sites would require IC Hoping someone has some advise and experience for me Using RAD, we perform a miscellaneous receipt. This item needs to be delivered to building 2. In handing the item to our mailroom, they 'deliver' the item in MSCM.

They then keep manual records of where the item is delivered.


Once it is 'delivered', you cannot perform any other transactions, loosing a lot of info Of course those of us who have used them think they do. Would you recommend them to others All answers, pro or For example, we have several open lines that were not received from almost 3 years ago so at this point, we just need to cancel and clean up the data so the PO can be closed. Thanks, Shannon.

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CAB files are applied and we start the login process. Dashes move across the screen but after multiple attempts, we get 'Authentication Failed. Please contact your administrator'.

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Our device is a Motorola MC We did receive some feedback via our IT department that stated the following: Auto numbering is defined in PO Per Lawson, once the po's are there they stay there we questioned with a purge, ie. However, I can not get the IC job to process an inbound file properly without errorring out.

I believe it is strictly the result of the headers being improperly named because the file layout document indicates the field names to contain spaces, hyphens, mixed case fields, upper case fields, etc. From what I'm seeing it helps with ensuring your item master data is synced throughout the various screens. Of course we're on We could definitely use some help with keeping our data synced. We are looking to see if we can add the Lawson numbers and prices for all the individual components of the custom packs. Our Accounting team is wanting a return generated in PO Then the buyer has to add a line to the PO for the rebill.

Is this best practice. The attached doc shows a screen capture of on older version. Example: Order 10, receive 15, return 5, invoiced matched and paid PO64 shows open-to-match is 5. We want to be able to see supply cost per procedure per physician with outcomes length of stay, re-admissions, complications and bring in patient demographics.

Can you use Epic's data warehouse, Caboodle to do this We are already interfacing supply data from Lawson to Epic daily so I would think Epic would I would rather they manage that within Epic instead of mucking up our bin location fields. Most of their locations are just identifying a room or closet so they have multiple items with the same bin. Anyone else doing this. One of the requirements is that the area in which the supply is used is identified in the file.

Our IC12 records are primarily specific to the medical centers. All locations have been double-checked for open documents with no success. We currently handle charge codes through a third-party application, and depend on manual data entry for all new items, which takes a lot of time.

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If I can extract the item information, I can build an import task on the other application to automatically run, create those items, and generate charge codes. I can export all items, but I'm really looking f We have a few vendors that want a once a week PO for our new service center, so running an IC wide open will not work, but then we have other vendors that will accept a PO daily. We were looking at using the 'Vendor Attribute list', but not sure if this is the best route, or if there is another option that has works better. Only bottom shelves have a number of a location, all products sitting on top shelves are located in the system on the same location that belongs to an item in picking area. For example: an item We have 2 boxes there and anot I can't think of any way to do this except for a customization - that isn't really part of our scope for one user. Business reasons listed below. Thanks much! In current state, we can see that 5 boxes were dock logged, but the scanning by box ends there. We're looking at options that would provide a better user experience than what RQC provides.

I am developing the cycle counting procedure for the hospital. My problem is I am not familiar enough with Lawson. If we can't use Lawson effectively, then I have an Excel sheet to use as plan B. We have our items setup as ABC classification.

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A is counted every month Usually the material handler doesn't find out until they have to upload their counts and they get 'A network connection is needed The only way to fix this is to go into the settings and re-add the address but they have to exit the par counting area to get there thus losing all they have counted.

Does anyone know what causes this Is it a defect in the or the We are also looking for a vendor ideally the same one that processes employee expenses through a portal also. We have a couple in mind Concur, Lexmark or Ascend. My Fenton came to the United State forty-one years ago.

Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View
Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View Luom’s Journey: A Path of Past to Present View

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