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My Father, My hero; My father, My Zero
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Because "My Father the Hero" stars Gerard Depardieu , the leading actor in France, it has more interest than it might have otherwise. Depardieu is large, stocky and shambling, wears his hair like a mop and has a nose that looks as if it's been in a few fights.

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And he is charming. His daughter is played by the sweet and pretty Katherine Heigl , and her teenage boyfriend is the Kennedyesque Dalton James.

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A movie like this depends on the tried and true rules of farce, including: 1 People must always overhear what the plot requires them to overhear, but nothing else; 2 Dialogue must be carefully constructed to mean one thing if you're in on the secret, and another thing if you're not; 3 The two "rival lovers" must sooner or later have a showdown; and 4 The farcical situation must result in a series of crises. Angered that the girl of his dreams is being ravished by an unscrupulous older man, the teenager takes Depardieu on a wild water-ski ride, where Depardieu, at top speeds, narrowly misses rocks, low ropes, large freighters, etc.

The possibility that he could simply let go of the rope does not occur to him. Later, the teenage daughter goes windsurfing and gets into "danger," which means she bangs into a rock not far from shore. Uninjured, could easily hold onto it for hours - or even sit on it, if she wants to. Instead, she screams for help, and her father and boyfriend both brave the waves to rescue her, with inevitable results.

It's amusing, watching a movie like this, to observe the clangingly false notes. The teenage boy lives with his parents in a seaside villa, from which the father emerges only to utter lines necessary to the plot; the rest of the time, he hears and sees nothing, even when the girl ties a love letter to a rock and throws it through his son's closed window. I saw it, and would say it was more or less exactly as appealing as this English version. Once was a time when Hollywood would buy the rights to French hits "Three Men and a Cradle" and remake them.

Now they buy the recycling rights as soon as the original is released, and hold it out of the American market, which in this case was no great loss. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland.

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He is a man of God and spreads the word of the Lord, but to me, he implies the opposite. He has courage. Courage I thought no parent has. I have grown to become a young woman now without his interference in my life. That courage he has, acting as if no human did he add to mother earth. My dad — father might have made this mistake of allowing it that he becomes my zero but he is my father after all.

He is the biggest inspiration behind my success because I strive to be the best.

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I strive to become the best to prove it to him that I have become a better person because of him. He is my zero, inspiration father that has contributed into making me who I am today by making me emotionally strong and also by making me know how rejection feels. Lastly because he has inspired me, unbeknownst to him, to become more of whom I want to become.

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This was a nice book I really enjoyed reading it there is so much that is real about the book its like in real life. My Dad didn't become my zero but my hero rest in peace,always in my mind.


My Father The Hero

I like this not many fathers are considered to be heroes in their homes and by their children usually it's about mothers. But father is also a hero and I miss him a lot. I wish he would have been around. Load More. Go to Library.

My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes
My Fathers Heroes My Fathers Heroes

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