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Oh yeome m marr aniah moa tre.

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Nrubah ahpomah moa tre. Ntuh mpunthurr he oh Krist. La marrah moa Papah, nlap ball aniah moa tre. Oh Traak u Davy kehkeh he sinobull. Yehpeh u lehly boy woa pomah.

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Upock u tre nu aniah buleing nghana loa yeo. N nghah aniah tre ngha kulloh moa.

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Oh Foy: n nghah aniah buleing ngha kulloh moa. N nghah aniah tre ngha kulloh moa oh Foybatukeh: n nghah aniah buleing ngha kulloh moa. OH Foybatukeh, utrenin keleng buleing, mpant nkeleng buleing ngha foke ko ko moa. No Copyright - United States. More Like This.

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Primer and language lessons in English and Cree. Matthew's Gospel. Primer in various dialects.

Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter

Le nouveau testament, en langue crise, d' A first reading book in the Micmac language Hymns in the Tenni or Slavi language of the Hymnal in the Seneca Indian language. Grammar of the Choctaw language. I remember giving it to you now that you mentioned it. Sheri, I have a couple of books that have helped me tremendously.

Each prayer is based on Scripture and the little book is categorized with topics such as Tempted, Security, and Worried. My most desperate prayers have been prayed using this book and I always find comfort as a result. Praying Scripture back to God has been very powerful for me, in my own life and in writing notes of encouragement to others.

Another amazing resource is Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter.

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She has tips for praying in groups and also worksheets for Prayer Pattern exercises. Any manner of calling out to Him seems to get His attention. It was the first Sunday of the month—my Sunday morning to pray in the prayer room during the worship service at church. I was not only emotionally broken and drained dry, I felt completely unable to pray. I considered turning around and going home.

But worse than that, it seemed I was unable to serve in my area responsibility that morning.

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But oddly, I felt compelled of the Lord to go. When I arrived, the prayer room was empty. The other woman with whom I pray was absent. A sigh of relief swept over me. In no shape to pray, I began thumbing through a thick book someone had placed on the table— Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter. It was the first time I had seen the book in the room.

Prayer Portions Prayer Portions
Prayer Portions Prayer Portions
Prayer Portions Prayer Portions
Prayer Portions Prayer Portions
Prayer Portions Prayer Portions

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