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Just like you let your body rest between workouts, your feet need a rest from high heels. Sutera suggests mixing up your footwear throughout the week and even throughout the day so your muscles don't get too strained from one particular style. Read more: Back Pain Health Center. When you wear high heels every day, over time you can permanently damage your feet — such as by causing your Achilles tendon to shrink and shorten or wearing away the fat pad on the bottom of your foot. To counteract the stress that heels put on your body, Sutera recommends calf and Achilles stretches like downward dog and icing sore lower-leg muscles.

Ready for a healthier heel? Here are five brands that carry cute and sexy heels that are also comfortable, so you never have to sacrifice your health for fashion:. Nina is known for their elegant evening styles and they offer a variety of kitten heels, which are heels between 1 and 2 inches in height. Naturalizer has been making sexy yet comfortable shoes for decades.

If you haven't checked out their shoes lately, they are worth a second look. They have stepped up their style game in recent years. Aerosoles have memory foam footbeds for superior shock absorption. Many of the heels are designed to distribute weight toward your heel and away from the ball of your foot. The styles are cute, too! Clarks offer different levels of cushioning in their shoes, including footbeds that actually improve your posture. Sofft brings super-soft footbeds with solid arch support to their beautiful heel selection.

Do you wear heels every day?

Should rock climbing shoes hurt?

What are your best tips on how to wear heels without pain? What are your favorite brands of heels that are both cute and comfortable? Let us know in the comments below! Kate Bayless. Both cute and comfortable?

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We've got you covered. Image: Gracie Wilson. We love our stilettos, but they don't love us back. How High Heels Hurt Us. Wearing high heels every day may cause irreversible damage.

How to Find the Right Shoe Fit for Your Feet

Don't give up on heels altogether -- just make smarter choices. Healthier High Heels. Wear flats on your way to work, then change into a pair of heels you keep at your desk.

Downward dog helps to stretch the Achilles tendon, which tightens up wearing heels. Kitten heels, which are under 2 inches high, can still be sexy!

02. Chunky Socks

I came across this question online in a shoe forum and the replies made me a bit sad. I honestly and wholeheartedly disagree. With the proper fit and style for your specific foot, you can wear nice shoes all day! People are amazed every day when they find out their feet have change over the years. As we lose and gain weight that can affect our foot size.

If our arches start to fall that will often cause the foot to gain a half size or more. After child birth, some woman can grow in foot size. We specialize in fitting your foot right every time, we also take into account the best types of shoes for you! Shoes, shoes, shoes!

The hunt for an ideal shoe

Some woman love them, some woman dread them. The trick is to find styles that work for you. Getting the right style for your foot type will make all the difference in your shoe buying experience. I often see women in search of dress shoe for work and they believe ballet flats are their only option. Opening your mind to trying different styles will help you on your journey. Instead of the ballet flat how about looking for a cute mary jane with a similar toe shape.

Shoes have evolved so much over the years with new technologies. Certain foot issues do better with various different shoes.


For example a person with plantar fasciitis tend to do well with a neutral cushion running shoe as opposed to a walking shoe. Running shoes offer a higher lift in the heel that help relieve pressure on your heels and arches.

7 Ways To Break In New Shoes Without Hurting Your Feet

They also providing more cushioning than a walking shoe. Usually things with a little heel work better than something that is flat for people with this issue. Shoes with wider, roomy, or stretchy toe boxes are great for people with hammer toes and bunions. Learning about all the shoes we carry is very important to us and is key to finding the right shoe for you!

There are many factors that go into picking a great shoe that is not only comfortable, but wearable too! My main goal is always to educate and make your feet feel great! This is really great information you sharing with us. Awesome post and detail! Thank you so much for sharing this post!

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Shoes That Dont Hurt Shoes That Dont Hurt
Shoes That Dont Hurt Shoes That Dont Hurt
Shoes That Dont Hurt Shoes That Dont Hurt
Shoes That Dont Hurt Shoes That Dont Hurt
Shoes That Dont Hurt Shoes That Dont Hurt
Shoes That Dont Hurt Shoes That Dont Hurt

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