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I hated myself for a portion of it as well. I wasn't happy with myself as a person at all, and I went through some dark periods this year. They would come in spurts. One day I'd be so happy, the next I would be a miserable wreck.

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It was an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. I started this year in no way compared to how I'm ending it, and that's a great thing. I've grown as a person so much, and for that, I am so thankful for This year has taught me how to think for myself, and how to be there for myself.

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Every year, I like to set myself some goals for the new year we are entering. Did I accomplish everything I said I wanted to do in ? Not exactly. But I am one step closer to accomplishing it all.

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Funny how that works. It was a year of learning and change, that hurt so terribly, but was so worth it in the end. The next cheapest days of the week to fly are Thursday and Saturday. Saturday might sound like a popular—hence expensive—day to fly.

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But in truth, most travelers prefer to come back from vacation on Sunday to maximize their time away. The most popular days for business travelers, meanwhile, are Monday and Friday. I see plenty of airfare sales that restrict discounted dates to Tuesdays and Wednesdays only or Mondays through Thursdays.

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Below are some resources to get you started. I love Airfarewatchdog because it does the work for you. Sign up for free fare alerts from your local gateway, and the site will send you email notifications when fares for your itinerary drop. When you search flights on Kayak. The site uses data to predict whether the fare is likely to rise or fall in the next seven days.

The Hopper app iOS Android offers a similar predictive service, telling you to buy or wait once you enter your itinerary.

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It has been updated to reflect the most current information. Read more stories about the year in culture and politics. The weeks since November 8th have resembled, in terms of collective psychology, the aftermath of a natural disaster—a demented, aberrant catastrophe that remains invisible to some and for others prompts nothing but glee.

The world is in poor shape to deal with a Trump Presidency. The North Pole, a week after the election, was thirty-six degrees hotter than normal. The world remains continuous; nothing changes on any particular midnight, no matter how glitzy the countdown.

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The worst year, one said, was sixty-five and a half million years ago, when the Chicxulub asteroid hit. Or , when smallpox wracked the Americas; or , when the First World War broke out; or , when the end of that war was followed by the Spanish flu. What hurts so badly right now, I think, is this sense of unexpected retrenchment—the fear that decades of incremental progress will be rapidly eradicated by an empty-headed demagogue who appears to be doing everything on a whim.

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The Best Worst Year The Best Worst Year
The Best Worst Year The Best Worst Year
The Best Worst Year The Best Worst Year
The Best Worst Year The Best Worst Year
The Best Worst Year The Best Worst Year

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