The Chief of Sinners Saved

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God gives grace to the humble, not the dishonest. True humility comes from agreeing with God and what he says about you, and he calls you his beloved child. In Christ, you are a sinner no more. So why did Paul call himself the chief of sinners? Was the apostle Paul a confused saint? Did he see himself as a sinner? Not at all. Indeed, he draws a sharp line between his present and past identities.

So why does he refer to himself as the chief or foremost sinner? He does it so that you might be encouraged! Why was I shown mercy and grace? Because Christ wanted to make an example of me, the worst of the worst, so that you would know his patience and kindness is greater than your worst. My paraphrase of verses Paul is saying the same thing here that he says in Romans His grace is greater than your sin! Someone wearing sin lenses will read v. Do you see? If God can pour out his abundant grace on this man who was the foremost of sinners, then he can pour out his grace on you!

Believe it! His was a most dramatic transformation! But God was merciful to me in order that Christ Jesus might show his full patience in dealing with me, the worst of sinners, as an example for all those who would later believe in him and receive eternal life. Paul writes to encourage you.

You need to repent, believe in him, and receive his abundant life. The moment Paul became a Christian, he stopped being the chief of sinners. Enjoy this article? No spam, we promise. Just as Satan used the handwriting of God 10 commandments against us in a way God never intented. So this crafty rascal needs us to misunderstand our identity in Christ.

He wants us to forget our regenerated identity in Christ.

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Some church leaders want this as well to have power over us. None of this is so, we are children of the One True God! Thanks Paul. Found your blog by accident the other night while trying to explain the amazing revelation that God has recently smacked me over the head with, that I am actually Righteous in his sight to a Christian sister-in-law.

Have been reading and ignoring husband and kids ever since. Seems too good to be true but very glad it is!! No wonder we are so thankful to Jesus for the sacrifice he has made for our eternal salvation!!

How Was Paul The Chief Of Sinners (1Tim 1:15)?

What a deal!! Thank you Brother of Grace!

C. H. Spurgeon :: An Appeal to Sinners

I was reading 1 Tim 1 and v. Thank You Holy Spirit. Good one, thanks! I have noticed that when I point out to them they are a saint they get very uncomfortable. Blessings, Warren South Carolina. I had a pastor years ago ask me if I was a sinner, of course I said, yes, because I still sin.

I understood grace, but in the natural I was still commenting sins.. I am not sure that calling yourself a person that still sins is such a grievous mistake, if you understand who you are in Christ. So does that mean when we are confessing our sins in a worship service or in private prayer at home we should not be doing that? Should we instead confess that we are saints because of Christ Jesus and not be acknowledging our sin day to day?

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I have written a dozen or articles on confession. To confess is the Greek word homologeo: to say the same thing about it. Ok, so the question is what did God do about them? This is what Paul E. Confess righteousness, holiness and innocence by the blood of Jesus and in thanksgiving. All honour to Him. Praise His name forever!! Where and What I would be without His Grace. Nothing of me but All of Him.

Lord help me receive this full revelation. Thanks Paul, am really blessed by this. All those who are seeking Christ will truly find this truth comforting. Great article. This was an excellent and outstanding study of this passage. Paul was obviously contrasting his old identity with his new one.

So many religious minded still see themselves as a sinner.

The Chief Of Sinners Saved

Thank God for great teachers and preachers proclaiming and explaining the good, glad gospel truth that we are new in Him. Grace super abounds! But I have heard it preach that when a believer sins that they are open to attack from satan and sickness and that satan has a legal right to bring destruction and sickness into the believer and their family. Jesus called Satan a thief. Sin is destructive, but what you were told is nonsense. And useless. Romans tells us that God poured out all his wrath on sin at the cross. Because of Jesus, sin is no longer part of the equation Heb Guess who from?

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Thank you so much for taking time out and for the reply. God bless. Now, in the case of an unbeliever, a sickness on their body it is still an affront to what God has paid for by His stripes there is healing available. Anything else is simply putting a ceiling where God has not done so, but rather said that a believer will do the same and greater works than Jesus.

Paul chief of sinners

Here is even something stronger… there was no born again believer at the time of when the events of the Gospels were taking place John ! You are blessed in Him! Thanks so much Sir for the answer. Read John As you know, Jesus took all your sin on Him, but people can keep you for reasons of their own under sin.

You will always have the choice of who to believe, Jesus or an accuser. Love you. The one time it is good to think of ourselves as sinners saved by grace is when we look at the unsaved sinners around us. It should drive us to win them to Christ. Bring them to the fountain of living water. So they too can become saints with us. I really desire to learn more on the topic.. Luthern base this doctrine on romans 7 thats how feel everyday i sin but im a saint at the same time. The Corinthian Christians sinned too, yet Paul called them saints. He never confused them by saying they were simultaneously saints and sinners.

To do so would be to insult Jesus. Go, knock at Mercy's door, and ask the porter this question, "Was there ever one applied to the door that was refused?

Paul the Chief Sinner

And shalt thou be the first? Dost thou think God will forfeit his good name, by turning thee away? Mercy's gate has been open night and day, ever since man sinned; dost thou think it will be shut in thy face for the first time? Nay, man, go and try it; and if thou findest it is, come back and say, "Thou hast not read the Bible as thou oughtest to have done;" or else say thou hast found one promise there which has not been fulfilled-for he said, "Him that cometh I will in nowise cast out.

Nay more, I believe that such a being never shall exist, but whosoever cometh unto Christ shall most assuredly find mercy. What greater encouragement do you want?

The Chief of Sinners Saved The Chief of Sinners Saved
The Chief of Sinners Saved The Chief of Sinners Saved
The Chief of Sinners Saved The Chief of Sinners Saved
The Chief of Sinners Saved The Chief of Sinners Saved
The Chief of Sinners Saved The Chief of Sinners Saved
The Chief of Sinners Saved The Chief of Sinners Saved

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